What's Goin On..

I MISSED Delurking Day yesterday!! How did that happen?? SO..if you are STILL lurking, it doesn't matter that it's the 11th and I don't have a cute little badge..say hi..and I mean you person from Brazil!!

In the news (??is it really news? or gossip??)
Christopher Bowman died..you remember him? Ice skater back in the Brian Boitano days (and can you even talk about Brian Boitano w/out thinking about South Park and start signing, "what would Brian Boitano do?")
Point is Christopher Bowman died..looks like he got ALL hooked up in drugs, hookers and MAN he got fat. I doubt he could stand on skates anymore.
Speaker of skaters did you hear Dorothy Hammil has breast cancer. Ahhh the skaters of my youth....and I can't skate, at all. But I have always been all about the skating during the Winter Olympics. Love it!!

Bank of America is supposed to buy out Countrywide. How does that effect my loan, does it?

Brit Brit has a paparazzi boytoy..they played some games..they acted like they were flying to LA or NYC..but NOOOOO psych..they drove to Mexico..and now they are back. Does someone think it might be a good idea to do a cavity search for illegal substances?? Who wants to put money that they got married..you think? NO...guess not. Don't get me wrong, I feel totally bad for her children but it's a deer in the headlights. I read TMZ everyday, I'm addicted..I can tell you shit that is worthless. I know that Will Smith, not Jada became a Scientologist...I know that Jamie Lyn is getting her GED...I watched the finale of Zoey 101..I've alwasy loved that show. Drew has a crush on "Zoey"..my new favorite is iCarley.. I sure hope we can keep her pure for a while. Did you know that Lindsey fell off the wagon on New Years Eve..and she slept her way through Italy. Amy Winehouse died her rat's nest blond! Tom Hanks REALLY wants to make sure that the Academy Awards go off without a hitch..you think it has anything to do w/ Charlie Wilson's War? Ryan Seacrest is going to do a live Golden Globes show and cut to the winners..no read carpet. OMG the People's Choice Awards were HORRIBLE.. No, they were beyond that, they sucked donkey ass. (watch the google hits I get for that)

St Charles MO..right near St Louis is talking about banning obsene literature, music and "words" from bars..and table dancing. They think this will help with their late night drunken issues. Saying bad words or dancing on tabels doesn't cause drunken riots..it's the alcohol asswipes!!!! If you don't want that crap on your streets rezone the area and get rid of the bars!! Idiot's.

Primary's are happening all over the country..one by one.. it's interesting I guess.. I just can't wait til the candidates are chosen, gloves come off and it really begins. I have to give it to Mr Obama..he sure can speak well...what a motivator.. um sir..How you gonna DO what you are talking about. Right now this drives me nuts, it's like a freaking Democratic and Republican pep ralley.. Ugghhhh. Then the candidate says, "I'll fight for THIS cause and THAT cause"...well great, the congress is the opposite party as you and they are going to VETO all that shit. NOTHING will get done. OK..off my soap box.

It snowed today in Bagdad.

Toni Collet had a babygirl..I have loved her since Muriel's Wedding..GOD I love that movie.

They have been getting up at the crack of dawn in town to check out traffic reports. They have scared people so much when they closed Highway 40 that everyone is driving on backroads..I took the highways..there isn't any traffic. I've added 10 mintues both ways to my commute..that's it, no big deal..they are still getting up at 4:30am and looking at emty roads..stupid.

OK..I guess that is enough ranting for today. Delurk already!!


Just a Walk in the Park said...

I am delurking and you are hilarious, a one stop shop to get me udating on world events. Thanks!
The Park Wife

Anonymous said...

Man, that was random! But very interesting....keep it coming!

Rising Rainbow said...

It was delurking day yesterday. I didn't know that. I sure had lots of lurkers on my blog. I don't think lurkers honor delurking days, do you?

MP said...

Thanks Park Wife...people need to tell my husband I'm funny..he thinks I'm strange :-)
See the comment right above..rising rainbow..she's an equine lady..check out her horses..beautiful!!!
E..I'm glad you were late on delurking day too!!
PS..that random stuff is in my head ALL DAY LONG...

Biddy said...

they banned smoking in all public places (including bars) in abilene, and man oh man do i love it! it's pissed a lot of people off though

Kim said...

Ha! You made me laugh with your rant. And you made me laugh on the comment on my blog. I forgot about having a stroke!

Dolce said...

What's up in the STC? I missed this!

Bri said...

I guess it's my turn to delurk. :) I've been here a couple of times since I decided to help out Bossy, and I did want to tell you how much I like your avatar, the butterfly wings are adorable.

p.s. The 40 deal has actually HELPED me, I live in south city and commute back and forth from UMSL. Since they fixed the interchange thing where 170 and 40 meet, I get home 10 minutes faster, even at rush hour!

oh and yes! we should definitely all get together and hang out with Bossy!

lisa's chaos said...

Do you think you had enough coffee?! Wow, you just spilled out all the scoops! :) Better take a nap and rest up now.

Did you know, in Carthage, MO they have a table dancer juice bar?

Karen MEG said...

I just got here so I'm delurking late! I popped in from Weekly winners...you, m'dear are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Thanks for the round up of info. I used to be a huge fig. skating fan and was shocked when you mentioned C. Bowman died. He always verged on pudgy, but he had talent. A real shame.