You on Bossy's map??

Do you read Bossy? Are you on her map..I'm sure we'll find out soon what cities Bossy is invading. Hope mine is one of them!

UPDATE: Bossy is coming to St Louis..there are 10 of us in the general area and we're going to be set loose on the Greater Metropolitan Area..With Bossy!
This will be around April 21st..thank goodness I'll be back from Aruba!


lisa marie said...

Well before I watched your video I did not know who Bossy was. Now I know she's a blogger, and people can sign up to loan her a couch & roof for a night or two along her route. What a cool way to vacation!

Did you sign up to be a pit stop? I'm sure she'll pass through your city.

Lulu said...

I would really like to meet her, but I didn't sign up. Figured she had too many people on her list already. Plus, I'm pretty boring.

Biddy said...

bossy's coming to dallas! woo hoo! ok, so i'm going to have to drive 3 hours (each way) and get a hotel room. but damnitt, i get to meet bossy! woo hoo!

Rimshot said...

"Well before I watched your video I did not know who Bossy was. "


Since then, I've checked out her blog site and feel I've been slacking.

Heather said...

We will take St. Louis by storm! And, I would do the Arch for Bossy and some good blog material. I'd just have to keep my eyes closed during the elevator ride and escape to my happy place.

The Dairy Wife said...

Good to meet you MP.

I live 3 hours from SL, towards Evansville, IN and my son is in college in St. Louis, and I'll get to see him too. ... so yes, I'm coming! Can't wait to meet everyone. So count me in!

Thanks for the compliments ... but let me tell you, having triplets at 48 years old is keeping me busy! ha ~ Although I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Anonymous said...

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