For the Love of All Things Decent - Save The 4400!!

Please go sign this petition. Thanks to lots of people Jericho was saved! I am so happy since that is one of my shows.

I look forward to my Sunday shows though too durning the summer. I have The 4400 and Dead Zone. I can't even image not having The 4400 on. Do you people watch that show? As far as I'm concerned this is one of the best Sci-Fi shows on TV..better than Lost or Heroes.

Go sign the petition...even if you've never seen the show, do it for me!


Anonymous said...

I'll only sign it if you take me to Aruba, too.

LOL, I'll go sign it. You would do the same for me?

MP said...

Hmm...Will you fit in my suitcase? Is your passport ready in case you get caught?

Dolce said...

petition signed just for you MP. I have never seen the 4400, but I think I'll search Netflix and see if I can find it!