happy monday

Let's see..it's sleeting outside. It looks like Dippin Dots and it's VERY slippy. I'm hoping we get to go home early but I kind of doubt it. Drive home is going to SUCK!
This weekend I saw some movies.MP Review:Little Miss SunshineIt was worth my time for sure. It was a cute movie and very funny at times. Snarky. I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars.
The Hunting Party. 4 out of 4. This got bad reviews but I loved it. It's with Richard Gere and Terrence Howard. They are journalists that cover war. It's based on a true story about the wars in Bosnia. Very good movie..unreal..little snarky humor in just the right parts.
Did you watch the Grammy's? I did. I thought the show and entertainment was awesome..but the awards themselves..WTF?I am thinking that they went a bit overboard on Amy Winehouse.Tina Turner? Damn that woman looks good for her age!
There were Hip Hop awards but no Pop Music awards..discriminating? I think so. I would have liked to have seen Michael Buble get his award.
Big Brother starts tomorrow...so does Jericho! Wooo hoo!Hollywood week on American Idol AND the writers strike is almost over. Yeah! I love TV :-)
If you left a comment here it was deleted since a friend hand some information that she wanted me to delete from comments and believe it or not I had no idea how to delete comments...So I just copied and pasted and redid the post..not very good either..

It took over an hour to get home tonight..a little slippy.
J's Grandma who is 89 had a heart attack. 90% blockage, she is very week but hanging on. Due to the ice we're not going to go out to see her tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yea. I forgot you like Big Brother!! Yay! I hope it's good.

dawn224 said...

ugh. the snow is out here by now. there's a district that has already called off school tuesday and wednesday.

Melissa said...

Yes I left you twelve comments ;)

(No I didn't!)

I'm sorry about J's grandmother.

Ok... Deleting comments:

Make sure you're signed into your account. Then click on the comments link. When the window opens, you'll see a little trash can under each person's comment. Click on the trash can for the comment you want to delete and follow the instructions.

Tada! :)

Jean said...

Im kinda mad I missed the Grammys. I would have loved to have seen Tina and Beyonce strutting their stuff.
Best wishes for J's grandma.

I guess Im going to need to send off your valentine goodies soon. I'll send you an e-mail. It's not much but chocolate always makes up for the slacking right? :)

Biddy said...

oh goodness...i hope j's grandma is ok soon!

i'm soooo excited about big brother i'm about to wet myself!

and i agree about amy winehouse. i think there should be a clause that says if the winner is in rehab, the next nominee wins :-)

the mama bird diaries said...

So sorry about J's grandmother.

Loved the grammy's. I came to the same conclusion about Tina Turner. I immediately googled her age and promptly fell off my chair. 68. Girl can still shake her thang.

Dolce said...

I'm so sorry about J's grandma; I had no idea.

It took me over an hour to get home, but dinner turned out fab!

MP said...

Oh Shit..that little trash can? Here I was thinking that I needed the moderation thing...duh..

Melissa said...

The moderation thing is for you to approve or disapprove comments before they show up on your blog.

If your friend has a blogger account (don't know if s/he did) and if they're logged into their account, they should also see a trash can next to any comments they've made on anyone else's blogger account, and they can delete their own comments. (But only their comments. No one else's.)

Lulu said...

Little Miss Sunshine is freaking hysterical! The ending makes the entire movie.