What Day Is It?

What a crazy weekend. So much really happened I think the best is to highlight by bullets..cause I like bullets.

  • Thursday night we had a funeral planning dinner at J's aunt's house. Way more laughter than tears.
  • At the dinner we watched the preacher shamlessly flirt w/ my MIL..and she flirted back.
  • The wake was Friday..my step-sister-in-law gave my MIL shit about the flirting and how excited she was going to "get a new daddy".
  • Grandma look strange in the casket cause she wasn't laughing.
  • They had Grandma's "grandchildren" charm bracelet on. Her youngest daughter spent the day rotating the bracelet so different grandchildren's names would be on the top.
  • I got mom's wheelchair and brought mom and dad out there...they were sad.
  • The funeral was beautiful. J did awesome as a paulbearer..how do you spell that? Drew behaved very good.
  • The lunch following in the church basement was very nice.
  • We drove over an hour for the burial..there was a 10 minute service then we drove an hour home. The cemetary was in the middle of a corn field.
  • That evening we went to J's mom's. I met cousins I never met before. Judy and Jose. Jose was from Spain and recalled the facist making them do the Hitler salute in his Spanish Cathlolic grade school..how many things are wrong with that?
  • I gave up alcohol for lent..OMG the girls were VERY tipsy and hysterical.
  • Sunday..Yeah I guess that was yesterday. Drew and I went to mass..on the way back from communion Drew says. "I thought you gave up wine for Lent"...to which I replied.."that doesn't count"
  • We went to see The Spiderwick Chronicals. AWESOME movie. Great for kids 7 and older...and women 41..I loved it!
  • We purchased RockBand. Drew played guitar, J drums and I sang. WOW..that was WAY too much fun but sure was difficult. J said the drums kicked his booty..Songs were not that easy to sign either, you REALLY have to stay on pitch.
  • Back to work today...hit or miss when it comes to how busy we are..major spurts.
  • I totally missed my Weekly Winners yesterday..I didn't really take many photos. I would have taken some at the cemetary but it was cold out in the country and I just wanted to get in the warm car. J finally used the camera for the first time, he loves it!


Jean said...

It sounds like a totally overwhelming week!
Do not worry about the Valentines..just meeting a new blog buddy is Valentine enough for me.
I played a little RockStar at Best Buy today..I'm totally taking my rocking tour on the road. Maybe you could be the lead singer..we'll tour all the BestBuys one city at a time. :)

Thanks so much for voting for me and hopefully this week for you will be less hectic.

dawn224 said...

laughter is good :)

Lulu said...

Gosh, you've had a crazier week than me! Again, sorry about J's grandma, but it sounds like there were some light moments among the sadness.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

I am exhausted just reading it all. I am very sorry for your loss.