It's like a blind date

Well..some of you may have joined the Valentine Day thingy... (click on the link)

Well I have my match, JEAN. And as she put it on my comment it's like a blind date. I only briefly visited her blog last night.. Well that is because I was busy watching it snow and watching The Good Witch on the Hallmark Channel.
So go visit Jean and give her some love... I need to go visit more today too.

I'm really just now getting caught up...I still don't feel 100%.. But I really want to go sled riding. I am SO excited about all the snow! Read here if you are interested about MY snow!
I want to get the saucer out and go to Art Hill. When I was little dad, my friend Patty and I all landed in the half frozen pond at the bottom... Man was I wet and crying. The charcoal they had at the bottom of the hill didn't stop the red flyer that we were riding and we went flying off... I landed in the pond/lake, Patty landed on the charcoal and dad landed on the snow. Nice people picked me up..they were ice skating.. Poor dad was freaked out..

OK..back to work. We're a national company so those other folks don't care about our snow.. :-)


dawn224 said...

we're just getting a skiff now...

lisa marie said...

You're absolutely right about it being like a blind date. :) Sounds like you might be feeling better. :) I hope you get to go sledding. :)