Grandma Update

Grandma is 89. She is J's mom's mom. She lives in town here...her husband passed away around 8 years ago. He was her buddy. They went to a one room school house in Illinois. They didn't speak English, only German. They grew up together and feel in love. They moved to St Louis and had 3 girls. Grandpa was in construction and Grandma taught preschool, raised her daughters and was always very involved in their church..and until this heart attack still was.

Grandma is a HOOT. It is a shame she's become mean in her older age. Mostly mean toward the people that are closest to her..like her daughters and J's cousins. When we see her she always talks about how she's going to die soon, she's been saying this for years..and she reminds us not to forget her.

So Grandma started not feeling well and called J's aunt. She of course called 911 right away and gave her 4 aspirin asap. They found 90% blockage. The first night she was confused and thought her daughers put her in a home. She pulled out the catheter and IV's. She was restrained for a while and has a 24 hour watch. VERY stubborn German woman. So now they are trying to get her blood pressure up, she is very tired and still a little confused.

J's going this afternoon and I'm going to go see her after work. Hopefully her body will decide to go on..I know her mind wants to go on..stubborn..

great grandma justin drew

Thanks for all your well wishes in the previous post..and click the garbage can..OMG..I feel so blond.

Jacks going to my parents tonight..J's going to the hospital then take Drew to soccer..I'll go to the hospital then get the dog. We have Big Brother and American Idol recording..I also have Jericho recording in the bedroom. I have GOT to get to bed earlier tonight. We ran to Target to get some stuff in the ice last night..and to Blockbuster. So we came home and J talked to his mom; I started 7th Heaven..the new James Patterson novel..then we watched The Kingdom which was AWESOME!.

Note: Poptart now makes whole grain poptarts.. Bummer..not in the double chocolate fudge, but they do in Strawberry.


the mama bird diaries said...

Thinking of you and your family.

My husband's grandmother is the best. So funny, sharp and smart. Going back to Florida to visit her in a couple weeks.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Your family is in my prayers.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

FYI - you've been tagged. Go to my site for instructions. (I would have emailed you but I can't find your contact info.)

Melissa said...

She looks like a great woman. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Re: the trash can ;) Sure it's easy once you KNOW where to look. Until then, the solution could be anywhere.

Lulu said...

So sorry about J's grandmother. It's never an easy thing dealing with this sort of thing.

And girl, I must say that you are the busiest person the I know! Between blogging, reading, and television, when do you have time to breathe?