Caught Up On My Reading! WHEW

It took me an entire week to get caught up on my blog reading. On top of that there were 53 blogs to read from the Weekly Winners this week...That is 53...minus me = 52..then there were three Sarah's that wouldn't open + one www.sacrcasticmom.com and that equals...a buttload of blogs to read!

This all became back logged because I started watching TV a little more..AND I didn't feel like sitting in front of the computer cause I felt like ass.

So I'm all caught up. I signed up to do that interview thingy..I don't have a confirmation yet on my victim..I mean guest.. I think that sounds like fun! This means someone will interview ME too..

So..let's see, first we'll talk about the weather. You saw that we got snow..and boy did we get snow. 9inches!! Driving to work Friday really wasn't that bad..and it was SO pretty! Saturday we attempted to make a snowman but I was just so durn sicky all weekend I didn't have the energy to stay outside very long.
So guess what?
Come on, guess??
You know what the temperature is RIGHT NOW!~!?? IT's 74 degrees. I have no idea what that is in Canadian...but it's Warm... So this morning there was this thick fog all over the place...and it was humid..I wore a turtleneck and a coat..I thought they said it was 28 at 6am..it was 48. So now I'm sitting here in my office when it's sunny and like springtime outside. Well it's not going to last.. Thunderstorms tonight (to get rid of the rest of the snow) and then maybe rain tomorrow and snow on Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday..did you know that it is already Ash Wednesday? I don't go to church anymore since I don't get off work early enough and church is too far to run at lunch. Tomorrow is voting... The cadidate that I was going to vote for dropped out..so did another one. I have to decide if I am going to go in and vote AGAINST the person that I don't want to ever ever be president...or do I go in and actually vote for the person that I hope to be voting for in November. Hmmm

I will let you know what I decide :-)


Aimee said...

I want some of that 74 degree stuff! That's something like 23 degrees Celsius!
Here it's only 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius....
Brrrr....for us and OMG I wish I were where you are!

Linda said...

ooops that was me...kid on the computer.

Biddy said...

yep, being on bedrest for a week and working on different campuses instead of the office for an additional week has landed me 105 unread items on my reader....ugh

oh, and that weather? are you sure you don't live in west texas?

Melissa said...

Ok, I want to know what drugs you were on when you wrote this, because as I read it I "heard" your voice going really really really fast in my head!

(hmmm... maybe I should figure out what drugs *I* was on? ;) )

MP said...

No drugs LOL...
That is how my brain thinks all the time..so that is how I type..

Sandy C. said...

Ugh, I'm so behind on my reading too..it's an incredible weight on my shoulders when I find a million posts in my reader :(

74 degrees!? I'll trade you for our 38 ;)

Robyn said...

MP! I have your interview questions ready. I need your email addy! If it's on your page somewhere, I'm too dumb to find it. Help a sister out, yeah?

MP said...

robyn... I left it on your blog too it is marypat.killmer AT yahoo.com