Crazed Gunman

Did you see the story? I was watching Survivor and "breaking news" broke into my show. I knew it wasn't a weather issue so I figured it would be a big deal. Boy was it.
First off..if anyone can explain to me why Johnny Fairplay is gone that would be nice..I thought it was going to be Eliza or the Pavaratti check.

You can read the official story of what happened here and here and here and here.
Here is my version from what I watched on TV for 4 hours.

Kirkwood is a municipality in St Louis County. It's about 10 miles from my house right down the highway. All these little areas have their own police department. If you live in a place like Kirkwood and you meet someone from out of town you just say that you live in St Louis...for a local you tell us Kirkwood and it means something. It is high on the lists of neighborhoods I would consider living.

There is a "black" area of Kirkwood. Most of it was very low income housing that happened to be lived in by African Americans/Afro Americans.. fill in the PC word. Most of this area was torn down a few years ago to build the Kirkwood Commons. There is a White Castle, O'Charley's, Walmart, Lowes, Target etc. They did rebuild more low income housing but it just wasn't the same. There has been some racial tension in this area for a while. Not everyone that is poor in Kirkwood is black, don't get me wrong. Remember Michael Devlin? He was white.
Anyway. In the 1970's Cookie was a high school then college athlete. He was loved by everyone. White and Black. Cookie was a popular guy. His family was born and raised and stayed in Kirkwood. Cookie married, had a daughter and opened his own business. From what I heard last night around 10 years ago Cookie started having "authority" issues. For instance all around here you are not allowed to park a "company van/truck" overnight in front of a residence. Everyone knows that. Cookie felt that rule didn't apply to him. He started getting fined when he broke the rules. Cookie through out the race card saying he was being unfairly percecuted. Cookie started throwing around law suites in the city and federal levels. Everything was denyed, he didn't have a leg to stand on. Cookie was pissed. He would go to cousel meetings demanding to be heard. He was dismissed. He started becoming very vocal and was removed by the police. (cursing, shouting jack ass and other not very nice things). This all started around 2001. Last week one of his law suites was thrown out again. Something in Cookie snaped. This smiling man who was friendly to others in the community grabbed his/a gun. He parked his car on the street near a hobby house. He made his way behind the buildings to a parking lot. There was a policeman getting pizza for the station...Cookie shot and killed him. He walked into the city hall and killed the next policeman that he saw. He walked into the coucil meeting ..right after they said the pledge of alligence and shot the mayor who is now in critical condition. He continued to scream about killing the mayor. Cookie killed 3 more city officials and wounded 2 people. The city hall is next store to the police station. The police came in and killed Cookie.
It just so happens a Kirkwood policeman was killed a while back. His killer was just sentenced to death. This community really needs some healing that is for sure.
Updates: Cookie's family has been on TV and in the news stating that they support him and that it's the governments fault they were killed..they should have helped a brother out.
What I've found out from "inside" information ... (basically from a black gansta guy that is a baby daddy to one of the girls in the office)..he said that Cookie's family is all crooked/gansta/bad guys..and that they have been paying the cops off for years in order to be left alone to do what they will and that Cookie wouldn't pay the man he wanted to go by the rules. Well obviously that didn't work since this college educated man didn't realize that he couldn't speak at meetings without blowing his top, he should have had some type of representative. I don't know...


Hi! I'm Kim said...

This is absolutely horrible. I used to work with the city attorney, John Hessel, who was at the meeting and was shot at. Apparently he threw chairs to ward off the shooter. Cookie also used to protest in front of our office building downtown. It's just an awful tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Emily said...

I was so sad when I read about this tragedy on fox news this morning. =(

On a different note, I can't belive Johnny Fairplay went home. I really thought he was up to something, but apparently he actually does care about some people other than himself. Who knew!?

Melissa said...

We had someone take shots at our City Council during a meeting once. I'd worked with many of them. It was very upsetting.

I'm sorry this happened in your community.

MP said...

John Hessel was quite a hero in all of this..I hope he is recognized for his actions. It's been the topic of conversation all day, especially since people in my office are both active Backstoppers members AND knew Cookie.

Anonymous said...

Scary stuff...just as scary as the lockdown that happened at our local community college this afternoon. Aimee's boyfriend locked inside with a gunman. Thankfully gunman was caught without incident and boyfriend is fine...not sure Aimee will be okay . It's hard to realize that the world is a big bad place~!!!

MP said...

Oh Linda..that is horrible! Poor Aimee!! There was another school situation in Louisiana today too..

klasieprof said...

oh my god. This crap is SOO horrible. I HATE having to have conversations with my kids about "what if's" situations.