TV Time

OK..I am SO into TV. Right now before the regular shows come back on I am into the following:

Jericho. I love this show and am so excited every Tuesday. This show has everything. It has great characters and many different sub plots. It takes place in Kansas..so I get it. The premise is wild..half of the country is gone due to nuclear attacks and we are rebuilding. Wow. I am so glad that brought it back but am so bummed that the ratings are failing again. I guess NO Jericho fans are Neilson families.

American Idol. Wow I'm loving this season so much more than last season. Boys did really good last night. The only one that REALLY bugs me is Danny.. I'm not 100% sure that he isn't a girl. Brooke is my favorite white girl and I heard she is singing MY song tonight. Carly Simon, Your So Vain...that is my kareoke song!

Survivor..I'm back after missing a couple seasons. I like it alot..I don't know all the "favorites" but that's OK.

Anthony Bourdain/No Reservations...awesome. Romania, England, New Orleans..this new season is awesome.

Medium..Love Patricia Arquette and I love the premise of her being a psychic..and her daughter too. Great show.

I've kind of given up on Big Brother.. I don't like these people and I don't care what happens to them. This is the FIRST season that I'm jumping ship.

What am I looking forward to in April: NCIS, The Unit, Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, Cold Case, CSI, CSI NY. I'm recording alot of the Law and Order shows too.
There are tons of other shows I watch...like Bobby Flay and Mystery Diagnosis..Hi my name is MP and I'm addicted to TV.

What are your TV favorites??


Jean said...

I couldn't get into Idol last night. :( I really tried. Maybe it's because I've been so disconnected for so long.
I love No Reservations but I always miss it unless I'm flipping. Is it on A&E?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Jericho for sure! I just finished catching up on Dexter and have now finished both complete seasons!!! SO EXCITING!
I'm not loving BB this season either..i hate most of the people on the show and hope they all lose!
I can't wait for all of the regular shows to be back-Criminal Minds, all the CSI's, Cold Case and L and O's as well.
My kids say I'm addicted to TV as well. If so...so be it!

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Maddy and I watch HGTV. I love that channel. It may be contributing to my recent desire to renovate my house.

Otherwise, there's not much else I can get into. I'll watch the Idol finale if I remember.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

I love tv too and HGTV....YES!!!!!!!

Tv makes me fat...I should be out doing something physical, but there is great viewing to be had.

Robyn said...

I'm so bummed I missed the Bourdain New Orleans episode. I was really looking forward to that one. I'll have to wait till they repeat it!

MP said...

Jean: No Reservations is on the Travel Channel..that would be 215 for me :-)

lisa marie said...

Oh yeah, love Medium, CSIs, Criminal Intent, L&O, etc. We dropped out on Jericho, just kept getting weirder.

Lulu said...

Girl, you don't know the "Favorites"? What kind of Survivor fan are you?

Rimshot said...

oooh The Unit! Yay.

In my recent extended leisure time, I've just completed watching every episode sequentially and cannot wait for the new ones (if any) to begin.

Also, I was quite upset to learn that there's been no word of re-upping for another season. :(

Pumpkin said...

Hey babe

I'm back from Scotland. You are such a sweetie for looking after my wee blog for the time that I was away, and I have to say I think you've upped the level of intelligence on my blog by quite a bit.....I've got a lot to live up to.

Anyhow, thanks hunny for doing that. I hope all is well with you and yours!
Anytime I can do anything to return the favour, just let me know!