Random Humpday Thoughts

Things that make me smile:
Driving home after work down Lindbergh seeing the girl at the bus stop just jamming out to whatever is playing on her MP3 player. She always where scrubs and she is always REALLY moving and has a big ole smile on her face, no matter WHAT the temperature is.

Things that confuse me:
Right Wing, Left Wing.
It's that time again as we gear up for the Presidential elections. Pundents scream about Left Wing and Right Wing and for the life of me I can never remember which is which, I find this quite embarrasing.
When we were younger I know that when a boy wore an earring it was "right is wrong and left is right"...or something like that. Maybe I'm confused about that too.

No real news on the puppy front. There are only 4 and I can't believe they are giving them away. These puppies retail around $1500.00
I wonder what the cats would think about a half brother or sister that is their size or smaller. I bet they would be OK.

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