Monday Monday...

Whew..weekend finished. Busy one at that. Drew man was over, we played the Wii, Stratego??, watched a horrible movie called Thunderpants then winded the weekend with a little party at Grandma Prill's.

Today the new marketing chick started, I didn't feel like introducing myself yet..hope that doesn't make me the "bitch in the white shirt"...I just am watching her getting fed what I'm SURE is incorrect information....this wouldn't bother me if it wasn't so close to my office. Oh well, life goes on.

The girls around the internet are returning from Blogher, I'd like to go one year. It looks like loads of fun. You can learn all kinds of nifty things too. I think there were close to 1000 people there if I read correctly.

My reading list has drastically changed since they had to reformat my computer. I lost all my saved links and I forgot who I read!

Speaking of reading lists, I still haven't finshed Kitchen Confidential..but then we went w/ Drew to Boarders and I got a couple books. One I finished was good. Up Close and Personal. Now I'm reading John Grisham's Tort...something or another. It's good..not great..I'm reading away and will finish that tonight; I would have finished last night but I made myself stop to watch 4400 and Dead Zone..then stop again for sleep. Unlike Harry Potter it wasn't worth sleep depravation.

Drew has learned Nuts...While playing boxing on the Wii he proclaimed, "Look Daddy, I hit him in nuts"...nice. I guess I better tell his mother about that one.

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Linda said...

Nuts to that...let her find out the same way you did! I'm sure it's not his first use of the word and she probably knows already!
Unless it's something you taught him..which I highly doubt!
Glad you had a great weekend! Watch out for the new Marketing woman....just smile and wave until she gets herself into a world of hurt and needs you too! That's how us "bitches" handle things!
Have a great day!