Deathly Hallows - Brilliant!

It took around 10 hours and I finished the book. WOW. Friday night we went to see Chuck and Larry. J was going to go with me at midnight to get the book at Target but I was pooped and went to bed. I got up Saturday and got my presale card and headed over around 1:30. I got there and there were at least 30 or more copies on the shelf. I got home and read for 2 hours before going to church. When I got home we did some running around and went to dinner w/ friends. We got home around 11 and I read til 5am. I just couldn't put it down. I finished yesterday afternoon around 4pm. I laughed, I cried..it was my favorite book by far. I want to re-read the book. JK Rowling is amazing. She really has an awesome imagination and her details to that fictional world make it so real.
The two girls in the office that were reading are both out this week. I haven't found anyone to compare notes as of yet. I'm itching to talk about it. I wouldn't dare blog about it. It's similar to when The Usual Suspects came out or the "I see dead people" movie..you just don't tell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not blogging about it...we got a copy but I had to let the kid read it first!

Glad to hear you liked it though! I can't wait to read it!

Biddy said...

i guess i'm going to have to start reading Harry Potter...