Let them eat cake!

Today was my bosses last day. Well I hear officially he's here through Tuesday but that is a formality. I think I'm better off with him gone. He's kind of old school. He is though the nicest man in the world. He showed up for my fatherinlaw's funeral which was very touching.
We had a cake for him that looks like the above. I ate a piece and I stole a chocolate covered strawberry. NOT on the diet at all. Man I am SO full right now. The lunch we had was great. Chicken, salad, green beans and mashed potatoes. I think we should all have a nap. Happy Hour is in 3 hours. I am going to make an appearance then get out of there.
Yesterday I took a vacation day and took dad to the doctor, get new glasses and the post office then J, Drew and I went to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags. Al, Bradie, Carol, Mitch and Blake were out there. It was fun. I like the rides :-)
Sunday we're having Drew's bday party at Grandma Prill's. That should be fun too. Mom and Dad are coming. I'm sure that will cause some stress but I'll live.
I have work I don't want to do and am procrastinating. I guess I better get to it.

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