Gimme A Hug

Oh Shit, I am SO sorry about the rug.
I didn't mean to nip at the baby!
I will NEVER eat a shoe again!
Did YOU want that plate of food that was on the coffee table? Oh, MY BAD!
If you have a better quote please share. Personally I think he's adorable. I'm not quite sure where I found that picture but I would LOVE to pick that puppy up and snuggle him and smell his little puppy breath and let him lick me, then go play in the yard. Then I would let his parents take him home and I'd go to bed. He could come over and play again the next day!


slouching mom said...

Wait, he's not yours?

He is totally, totally cute.

(BTW, my older son eats just like your stepson.)

Biddy said...

"i promise i'll stop humping your leg...just please don't get me fixed!"