No Puppy :-(

Mom called last night, very despressed. All 4 puppies have no been spoken for. She actually argued w/ the old lady upset that some in-law was taking 2 dogs. Can you believe someone would be so selfish to take 2 puppies when my mom's precious daughter wanted one!! I know, there was LOTS of drama. Of course I just shrugged and said, "I guess it wasn't meant to be". I'm sure the cats were relieved.

Speaking of cats. I think this morning Rocky was watching porn..or maybe it was just his version of the NFL.
Every morning before I leave for work I have a routine. I get up, get my clothes and shoes..get in the shower. Get out, put on my clothes. Fill up the cat bowl. Open the door to the basement and the front door so the cats, wherever they were will come eat. I then go in the bathroom, dry my hair, use my calirifying stuff and lotion. I then go in the kitchen and pack up my lunch. I put Patches in the basement then go to the foyer and open the blinds. Rocky comes outside with me.
By this time Gloria from next door and Molly (her dog) are out for a walk. Her front lawn is sprinkled with day old bread crumbs and it's a feeding frenzy. This morning Rocky ran in front of me, down the steps and laid out; paws in front of him on the sidewalk watching/stalking the feeding frenzy. There were 3 or 5 squirrels, 2 pidgeons, 3 robins and a few little sparrows. Rocky just watched, I thought, "This must be what it's like for a man in a strip club"...thinking "I really want to go after them, I mean look at them, they are asking for it...down on my level, on the grass!!! I just want to touch one...slap it around with my paw a little." We'll see what happens. If I get home and find a little present on the front steps I'll know.

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Linda said...

sorry you didn't get a puppy...it's okay dogs are so much work anyway!