Change Change Change

Oh how I HATE change.

I hate starting over from scratch too. Pretty bufly's all gone :-(

I had stuff to talk about and was all excited..before I realized I had to move. It was time.

One think I saw today was that The Princess Bride is 20 years old today. How can that be? On www.abc.com they had the pictures of some of the actors; what they looked like then and now. Pretty wild.
Speaking of that Mandy Patinken has left Criminal Minds. Bummer, he was one of the main reasons I liked that show.

It's HOT. Africa Hot this week. My inlaws are in town from Arizona. I hate when they bring their weather with them :-)

We're supposed to go to PF Chang's with them tomorrow night. I don't care what you say, it doesn't matter that it's a chain resturant. It's darn good eatin.

We saw Transformers this weekend. It really wasn't a bad movie. I liked it. Dman has seen it now 3 times.

We're going to be busy at work this week. Lot's of vacations.

My friend just called me.
ME: Hello
HER: Yeah, what is Wilma Flinstone's maiden name?
ME: Slaghoople

I cheated: Google which lead me to Wikipedia.
I think you could ask me anything and if I had the internet in front of me I could find an answer.

Coworker came in: Do you know who Elliot Yamin is?
Coworker: I haven't watched American Idol since Justin and Kelly.

I'm ready Kitchen Confidential. I love Anthony Bourdain. His humor is right up my alley. I love the shows on the Travel Channel.

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Biddy said...

is it bad that i knew slaghoople without google?? the flinstones was my FAVORITE show as a kid (other than I Love Lucy).