Confession and a Meme

I lurk and stalk people all over blogland. I have a heavy reading list which I plan on updating. While I was sitting here reading lunch I was going to where Meme's go to die. www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com has a special place.
I decided I'd been tagged, since Lindsy said...if you are reading this you are tagged!

Here goes nothing:

4 things you have done that were a complete waste of time:

1. Tap and Ballet lessons when I was around 12 years old. I did a singing in the rain routine at nursing homes, other than that I don't remember anything, I really don't have rythm at all.

2. Spent all those years having major crushes on boys. The heart ache of watching them like other girls at a party then worrying about it. I became a MUCH happier person when I learned to just "let things go"...if you can't change what is going on around you then quit worrying about it, you will make yourself sick!

3. Wasting so much time in bars. OK..the majority of time was fun but there was a lot of time that I wasted both time and money. Can't get that back now can I?

4. Trying to learn how to drive a stick. I practiced in the parking lots and I tried on my friends and my dad's car. I don't get it...I don't worry about it anymore. I used to dream about it.

4 Things I'd like to do with every Meme Ever Written

1. Just like Post Secret they should all be compiled into a book and then sold. I'll get rich!

2. www.oldmeme.com ???

3. Everyone should have a link on their blogs. It's more telling than the Who I am thing.

4. Make like a huge ass family tree and follow them from start to finish then post on the internet..hmmm not enough time for something like that.

4 embarrassing physical traits I don't like people to know about

1. I have age spots..or skin cancer or wierd moles on my hand. (yeah, guess I should get that looked at)

2. My upper arms are really fat. But you would no that if you have ever seen me in a sleevless shirt or swim suite.

3. I have this bump thing on my nose and it's not a zit but it dosen't look like a mole either.

4. I vary rarely shave my upper legs since hair doesn't grow there very often. I can count the hairs and get them off when I need to.

4 Reasons I dislike Meme's

1. I get stuck.

2. Sometimes I read too much information.

3. Sometimes I give too much information.

4. They take up too much room on the page and people miss the good stuff you wrote a week ago.

4 Celebrities I'd like to Prank Call

1. First off I haven't prank called in FOREVER!. I'd call George Clooney..and listen to him breath.

2. I'd call Bill Clinton and ask him if he had King Albert in a Can.

3. I'd call Dominos and order a bajillion pizza's for the Olson Twins and have it delivered to their house.

4. Meryl Streep..and pretend like I was a long lost friend and invite myself for dinner.

4 Reasons 1 or 2 people might not like me.

1. I'm loud. Not all the time but I can be very loud.

2. I have a million stories and I forget not everyone once to hear them.

3. I'm cuter, funnier and smarter then everyone else. (LOL, ROTFL)... so I guess what that means is that I think I'm funnier than I am.

4. I forget to keep my opionions to myself sometimes and don't listen enough.

4 People I would like to tag:
Biddy www.biddysworld.blogspot.com
Linda www.humblingmoments.blogspot.com
And anyone that lurks...that doesn't ever comment.. I like comments :-) as long as you log in, I hate Anonymous .


Emily said...

I liked the meme. Funny stuff. And don't worry, I hate my upper arms too.

Anonymous said...

That's very funny MP! You've made my day...but because it's you I will do it. I just finished the one that my kid tagged me on so it may be a while!

slouching mom said...

You're a riot! You do tell all, don't you!

Biddy said...

i did it i did it! you may have a hard time finding it...i've apparently been writing a whole lotta shit the past couple of days...

oh, and i didn't get lucky sniff sniff...oh how i wish i had!