Summer Lovin

Pumpkin made me a summer header..and I couldn't wait for summer, I had to switch it up now..she did this using my humming bird picture!! Isn't she creative?

I am so ready for summer...I've been talking about summer TV..our trip to Hilton Head..then at work they are talking about a trade show that is right around the corner..it's in September for crying out loud, let me have my summer first, don't remind me that September is 4 months away..

The commenter's at Dad Gone Mad have made a list of all the commenter's from the day that Danny asked everyone to pimp themselves..they are in a race to visit and comment on everyone..so you may see strangers coming by and leaving a message. Hi people...
I may try going through the list myself..but for now I'll just comment back on the folks that come by here..and add to my favorites the ones that seem a fit. Here is the list.
Speaking of Danny Evans, I saw on Twitter where he was laid off via phone..NICE..that SHOULD add to his wonderful stories..I would think he'd have even more blog material now.

Good TV tonight.. Did you hear someone on NCIS is gonna die.. I thought i heard that too and the preview show Zeva shot...so that must mean it's the director..or Ducky..no not Ducky!! I think this may be the season finale.
They brought Shark back too.. Yeah. Love Jimmy Woods. I also like him on the celebrity Texas Hold 'em shows..he's an awesome poker player.
Tonight is also American Idol. I LOVE Jason Castro...but I have a feeling his time is almost up although I truly hope David A totally screws up and gets canned this week..I am SO tired of hearing the SAME Up With People performance week after week.

OK..I'm a little embarrassed. Am I the ONLY person in the world that had never been to a Qdoba?
Last night J didn't want a sandwich but wanted something, I thought of Mexican but we didn't want Taco Bell and didn't want to deal w/ the Cinco De Mayo drunks at a sit down place. OMG Qdoba is awesome. I got this chicken burrito that was to DIE FOR!! Wow...

OK..need to get re caught up with work. While blogging I'm so sorry.. I missed Dolce's SOS email because our warehouse stalker guy was hanging out in her office.. Opps.


Angie said...

DAMN! You post A LOT!!!! Catch me up since I don't have time to read your like 57456 posts since last Monday. WOW!

Liked reading about your Monday. Another quake? Wow. Is the US going to split down the Mississippi giving us all ocean front property?

I'm going to Hilton Head, too, this summer.


Jean said...

Did I miss the post where Danny got laid off? I saw yesterdays and was wondering what the heck is he talking abou?!

Biddy said...

omg it's precious!!

i need to get her some pictures for mine

Melissa said...

Never heard of Qdoba. I was going to say "we don't have them here" but I just checked and there's a whole BUNCH! Lol!

Dolce said...

Thanks MP. I had to endure 20 minutes of the same story how his keys got lost/stolen at the YMCA last night. If you're interested, I can give you the play-by-play.

Christine said...

Oh, I love Mexican food, and there is a Qdoba's here in Tempe. I've never heard of it, but their food looks fantastic.

Emily said...

I love Qdoba......actually I love Moe's even more than Qdoba....ever been there??

MP said...

Emily: See one of the girls in the office goes to Moe's..I'll have to try that too. Tonight I'm trying Dickey's BBQ..they are new to town, I'll tell you how it goes.

Jean, you need to start following Danny Evans on Twitter..that's how I found out, he didn't blog the story yet.

Angie..you just need to come visit me twice a day so you keep up!!

Rimshot said...

I miss having a good friend to go and try new restaurants and new foods with.

At least I can continue to do so vicariously through you, so I expect a thorough report.

Amanda said...

Had never tried a Qdoba or Moe's until moving to Lexington, but they are both great. I have to say Moe's is better though. Sadly, I eat there for lunch once a week. Mexican food is a major weakness of mine!
Love the new header. I love pink, so I'm totally diggin' it!

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