Bloggers Guild, Resturants, Injuries

OK.. Thanks to everyone who commented on my rant and rave. As I mentioned J decided that he would like to blog now. He would occasionally come here and read what I write and thought it was more of a diary of sorts. After Georgia/Bossy came through town he realized it is much more than that..then he watched Dooce on the Today Show. I told him about the men that I read who are similar to him. He's very interested.

He and I are both going to go Sat to a Bloggers Guild Meeting. I'm going to see if this is something for me. I know that Bri is going and there are other bloggers that I read that are already members.

Saturday evening J and I are going to take his mom out to dinner. Before noon today I'm going to pick a place and make reservations. She lives about 25 miles to the West of us, I don't want to make her drive into the city..so I'm out of my element trying to pick a place. One of the girls in the office recommended Granite City Brewery. I'm wondering if that might be TOO casual. Then I was looking at this nice place called iFrattelini The prices don't look too nuts but it looks nicer..but do we want nicer? Oh I don't know.

Sunday we'll get carry-out and bring it to my mom and dad's. The dogs can play, it will be nice.

SO going backwards. Looks like I messed up my picture a day in May.. :-( Oh well.

Yesterday I took dad to get his orthotics . OMG..it was like pulling teeth. He didn't want another pair of shoes and I kept trying to explain he was wearing the wrong size shoe that is why he kept getting the painful corns. He ended up w/ a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of brown shoes, they are both very nice. NOW he is working on breaking in the orthotics. While I was there I told the doctor about my ankle. Yes, I know I wasn't his patient but before I take MORE time off work I wanted to see if he thought I should make an appointment with the doctor for XRays. Do you remember on this post I talked about losing range of motion. (I'll wait while you go back and read that)........
So yeah, that was April 25th..and it STILL hurts. So the guy touches my hairy ankles and says, "How did you do this?"...I said, "I woke up and I lost range of motion". He says, "You tore a ligament in your sleep".. WHO DOES THAT? Me, That's Who! He suggested wrapping it in an ace bandage to stabilize it. So last night (we haven't gotten to the hell that was last night yet)..when I stopped at the grocery store I picked up a bandage. I wore it to bed, I guess I shouldn't have because the PAIN woke me up. OMG it hurt, it wasn't even wrapped tight. Believe me I know how to wrap an ankle. So I am very tired today. Do I get to sit here at work and zone and sleep.. NO because I have to take my mom to a retina specialist after lunch to get dye shot in her arm. Mom wanted to know how the dye knew to go to her eye. :-)

SO..backing up to yesterday. I came to work. I realized that I had J's cell phone. I left work, dropped J off his phone. Ordered flowers for my husband's stepmom for Mother's Day. I ordered flowers for my friend's dad's wake out of town. I drove to dad's and took him to the foot doctor. I took dad home then drove and met J and Drew at Dave and Busters. After we ate J took Drew home and I went to the grocery store for the ace bandage and J's prescription..and cat food. (cat's need to eat too). I got home at 7:30..figured I'd relax, play on the Internet then retire to my bedroom to watch Survivor, CSI and Without a Trace. (yes I am a CBS addict too)
5 minutes later J comes in...big sigh..tired. He drags in all his crap from the Jeep..I'm all hanging out on Twitter then J says. "OMG we have to go back to Drew's.". .. My jaw dropped and I said, "WHY??". He said, "I forgot his school bag in the backseat".
I called Drew's mom..she offered to meet us half way..but that was silly w/ 2 kids. So we packed up Jack for our hour drive..there and back.

I didn't have time to watch all of my shows but I did watch STOOPED Erick give up the immunity necklace. OMG...Poor boy. I bet Ozzy wanted to reach over and slap him. Cirie REALLY needs to win that show this year. She is quite the manipulator..from day one!

Ooo Just got an email that one of our reps from Utah has bought catered lunch for us today. That means I don't have to eat my Weight Watchers meal. Yeah!!
I sure hope it doesn't rain this afternoon though...trying to get mom's wheelchair in and out of the trunk is a bitch when it's not raining.

I'll let you know how the bloggers guild and resturant choice go.. and Happy Mother's Day to you mom's out there.
Update: Mother In Law picked The Chocolate Bar
Yep, the place we went with Bossy!!
Thank you oh food goddess Tempered Woman for your offer... J and my MIL have never been..and I was all "hella yeah"!!


Tempered Woman said...

hey- foodie check here. GC Brewery, blech. They had some "ok" food, beer sucked, def casual.

iFrattelini is very nice, great amazing food, but more of a date night kind of place I think. Might be difficult to get reservations this late in the game.

How do you feel about Bristols? I think they have good food and the place is gorgeous. It's not stuffy gourmet and their fixed price menu is a nice option. Depends on what makes his mom comfortable I think.

Gimme an idea of the area you are looking at and I might have some more ideas if you need them!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy end of week and weekend for you!
Happy Mother's day to you....you do still get that honour since you have Drew part time!
Have a great time!

Lisa said...

Ohh the Chocolate Bar. You can't go wrong there! Hope it ends up being a great evening.

Lisa said...

Ohh the Chocolate Bar. You can't go wrong there! Hope it ends up being a great evening.

Lisa said...

Whoops. Sorry for the multiple comments. My little button was stuck!

Matt said...

Maybe your dad might like getting orthotics or shoes that accommodate custom inserts online from somewhere like The Orthotic Shop. Much easier than dragging someone to a store!

Hol&J said...

Hello MP. You don't know me, but I'm a regular reader of Biddy's.

I wondered if you had a mailing address for her. I'd like to send her a card during this time of loss.

Thank you,

the mama bird diaries said...

happy mother's day!

sorry about your sleeping injury. :)

Tara R. said...

Gad... I'm worn out just reading all that. You seriously need some downtime, quiet and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

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