Photo A Day for May - Day One

MP and our first tree
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer
Christmas 2005. This was my first REAL Christmas Tree ever, and the first "full size" tree J and I purchased.

I still wear that coat. I don't change coats every often..and that was shortly after I got my Jeep.. OUR Jeep..sorry J.

I have on my LOVELY Green sweatpants that have the wholes in the knee. I have to tell you, last weekend when I did my "clean up" in the basement, they went to the throw away pile.

I think I was about 11 lbs heavier in this photo. It was also taken with our crappy camera. So to get it to look half way normal I changed it to sepia.

As I mentioned in the previous post I will be doing a photo a day..although with my other dribble and dravel (is that a word?)..

So unless I hear requests I will be posting whatever the hell I dig out of flicrk.

I will NOT photograph myself sansclothes..other than that... request away!!


Rimshot said...

I have a request: I would very much enjoy seeing a photograph of the inside of your refrigerator.


Your pal,


Anonymous said...

I'm playing!

lisa marie said...

let's see, how about more Jack and Aruba and even your favorite park. :)

Jean said...

I think I'll do the same. Woot!

Robyn said...

Love this idea... and the sepia photo... and the new header! You've been busy!

Connie said...

I love seeing old photos of people... fun! I would have to scan a bunch in to do that. That is a task for some future time!

Sandy C. said...

Love the photo of you and the real tree :) I will have to try the sepia trick ;)

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