I hate "mommy-bloggers"

You saw that was in quotes, right...it's not the people I hate, it's the term.. I can hate it since I'm not hating a person...and not go to hell.

I just got finished watching the clip of Heather Armstrong on the Today Show. Kathy Lee should be banned from television interviews..for life. I can't believe Heather was able to get through that without slapping her. Where is Matt Lauer when you need him?

The media wants to group people together as mommy-bloggers.. I feel I am as much a blogger as these other women but I'm no "mommy-blogger".. I'm nobodies mother.
There are a great number of blogs that I love..and they are written but women and men that aren't "mommy's".. IE: Rimshot, Bri, Biddy, Dolce.. and I read my own blog every once and a while.

I think there are parent support blogs..the whole Q&A to what diaper cream to use and how to get your kid to stop wetting the bed. In my opinion they are mommy blogs, and mommy bloggers that write them. There are many blogs that I enjoy that are written by mom's. Heather, Linda, Sarah, Lotus, Pumkin.. I do NOT consider these mommy blogs..although occasionally they through out some useful parenting ideas.

Blogs are written by PEOPLE that want an outlet to throw out pieces of themselves and form communities of on line friendships or support systems. Blogs are written to make people laugh, show off your art, brag about your family. There are some people that do it as an additional or sole income.

Sorry to be on my soapbox it's just that calling Dooce a mommy blogger pissed me off. I read her because I enjoy her stories about GEORGE..the dogs, her parents, her travels. I really enjoy Heather's creative writing skills..her letters to Leta are hysterical. I do NOT read Dooce for parenting or life skills...I would go to a MOMMY BLOG for that.

Am I totally blowing this out of proportion? I was going to have J watch that story from the Today show, now I'm not cause it will only cause him to look at me funny, knowing I don't have a "mommy blog"..

Holy cow..I wish I had a $1 for every grammer and spelling error in this post..I was hot.
PS...J wants to start his own blog..he now realizes how many people do it..he said "ooo I can talk about stocks or cars or my history of how I was a miracle baby...."
Yep..looks like we'll be setting J up this weekend.


Sandy C. said...

I have to agree. Why don't they call high school bloggers "teenage bloggers?" Why does there have to be a segregated name for mothers....who happen to blog? I don't really post any tips about parenting on my blog, but like you said, it's my outlet, my therapy, my creative expression of my daily life.

Tara R. said...

Unless you count saying, 'I'm going to spray my son with a quart of ice water to get him up in the morning' as parenting advice... I guess I'm not a 'mommy blogger' either.

Rant on sista friend!

Danielle-lee said...

I agree. Why does everyone have to put everyone into neat little groups? Why can't we just be bloggers??

Biddy said...

and the congregation said:


also? i think i don't like dooce. in fact, i'm pretty sure i don't like her.

Liz said...

There are so many blogs out there and it kind of annoys me that the "mommy-bloggers" are the ones getting all the attention. Some of my favorite blogs are written by parents, but you're right, that's not ALL they write about. Otherwise I would have no interest in them.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

i hate when i'm categorized as a mommy blog. hate it, hate it, hate it. The term has been so abused recently.

Dolce said...

Man, you were FIRED up today. I don't think I've ever seen you irritated by the blogging world. As for KL, she SUCKS serious balls. She should have stuck to her Christian CDs.

MereCat said...

Hell to the yes! I am a mommy, and I am a blogger. But my blogging is really a desperate cry not to be categorized, but to find an outlet to be the true person I really am. Kids, dogs, husbands, jobs,and such are just consequential.

The Intracerebral Itinerary said...

Mommy blogs annoy me. Boring! I like some of Dooce's stuff- she has a good sense of humor, and as a fellow non- mormon Utahn, I can relate to some of her stuff. Except that I don't have to hold back to protect very many people- OK I have some Mormon friends, and then there are some real jackass judgmental Mormons.

Jason said...

Interesting! I didn't realize this was such a big topic. I promise I won't every say mommy blog again. I admit, I've used it once. . .or twice.

sterlingirl said...

I don't know her. She doesn't know me. But, Dooce and I went to the same high school. I'm sure I have an old yearbook...She graduated just a couple of years before me, with my brother, I think. Not that I'm name dropping....

the mama bird diaries said...

you said it sista. well done.

Grandy said...

Well you said you read your blog occassionally, but you said nothing about proof reading. ;)

I get it. I'm a mom who blogs...but it's been a while since I've been a "mommy".

Bri said...

That interview made me CRAZY!!!! It felt like they were attacking her and putting her on the defensive. Why oh why would you ask to people to interview someone about their career, writing, what have you and not do any preparation?! You wouldn't interview an author without reading their book, would you? No. Yet, they put two idiots on a couch with no knowledge of blogging or even the INTERNET and thought they would get an intelligent sound byte!!! The today show must be run by morons.

Red Lotus Mama said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... I have never been fond of the term "mommy blogger," but what I am really not fond of is KLG. I wanted to jump through my screen and strangle her. Dooce held it together nicely. I don't know if I could have been so controlled listening to KLG cackle like a hyena.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

@Tara R - that's great parenting advice!

I'm a mom - I blog about mom stuff. I'm a woman - I blog about woman stuff. I'm a dork - I blog about my dorkiness.

So am I a woman-blogger? Dork-blogger? I vote Dork-Blogger. :)

Pete Dunn said...

I too feel totally out of the mommyblogger clique, what with my penis and all.

I want to be loved and respected for sharing my innermost secrets in a snarky and sassy way. Do I actually need a uterus to get that?

MP said...

Look at that, I was the only one that really gave myself trouble about all the misspelled words..and thank you Peter..penis and all.

I want to make sure you all understood and I believe that you did..If you ARE a real life mommy blogger who gives parenting tips (that don't involve cold water) and recommend the best new products (not including adult toys) then good for you and there is a place for "mommy bloggers"...I don't read those kind of blogs since I don't have children. I read people that make me smile, make me think and that I really like..That includes everyone on my sidebar plus some..

Emily said...

I taped the Today show thing...can't wait to watch it when I get home and see what you're talking about. My husband keeps warning me I better not turn into a "mommy blogger" hahha

Linda said...

I suck! I tried to find the interview with Dooce (but I can't!)...cause I do read her blog and I agree, not what I would consider a "mommy-blogger". I don't consider myself one either and I don't write one bit as well as Heather.

Melinda Zook said...

Amen. I am a mommy AND a blogger but by no means would like to be classified as such. I think the media always has to find some catchy "thing" to make their story sound interesting and sterotyping people, unfortunately, is what they do best.

witchypoo said...

Gifford has always been a pain in the arse. I expect Heather will be more selective about who interviews her in future.

southernintherockies said...

I watched it and it irritated me. I don't think they should have done the interview if they didn't understand the material.
Like the new look.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I have to agree too. I wouldn't want to have to stay in that box!

Daisy said...

"Mommy" in this interview was such a put down. And right before Mother's Day! Hey, KLG, moms or grandmas, our blogs are worthwhile. Learn to turn on your computer.

Connie said...

Boy you got a lot of comments on this subject! I couldn't find the interview, but sounds like it got a lot of people ticked. I find a lot of very intelligent, interesting people on blogs and the ones I follow are like you said, they make me laugh, smile, think or I just love their photography.

I set one up for Joe, but he just can't bring himself to do the first post.

SAHMmy Says said...

Never thought about it before--"Mommy blogger" does seem a bit condescending--oh, look at the little housewife: she thinks she can write! As a compuer idiot, though, I've found that Googling mommy blogger is a quick way to find people who are writing on similar topics--I figure if kiddos are their niche they may be willing to read about mine. I love rant posts--thanks for the read!

Domestic Spaz said...

I actually have half a post going in my drafts about this subject. I feel like I write about so much more than my kids and my experience being a mom and most of the blogs I read are similar. Though all of them would probably categorized under the "mommy blog" header.

Thanks for the parenting advice today! I really needed it. :)

Ellie said...

Kathy Lee Gifford is a twiddering idiot. I mean, does she know how ignorant she comes off? Barking mad, as my English friend Jane would say.

I wonder what her baseball at-bat song should be:


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