Day 2

So far I was asked for Jack, Aruba and my fridge.. I didn't take any pictures last night so I dug out Aruba 2007.
At one point in time Goats roamed free throughout Aruba. People would both own them and they would also be wild. You would always find goats taking free range over the Island. As in most places the government stepped in and made people "lock up there goats". Now there aren't many goats left on the island. We were on a jeep tour last year and went through more residential areas near the National Park. Here we came upon these guys.. No shepard, just hanging out.


Connie said...

Too funny. I love stuff like this, the unexpected. Especially when it has to do with animals!

lisa marie said...

Goats are good. I think I might see Jack in there somewhere. :)