First Things First..and my moving response

The $50 iTunes Giveaway is Sunday. Did you enter? If not get your booty over there and enter!!

I'm thinking that moving from Blogger to Wordpress is my progression to my own domain and hosting my own site.

I really like the clean .. crispnessiness of their layout. (new word, you like it?)

Dee-Dee, and Danielle did that answer your questions?

Connie.. Wordpress and Typepad are two different things :-)

I need to pick a moving date. I have decided to move. I have decided to keep My Second Journal. (although like Biddy said, Third Time's A Charm was REALLY cute)
I am not going to get my domain and self hosting for a couple months, I'm thinking maybe Augusty (another new word). I figure since I don't own a laptop my entire time in South Carolina in July I won't be blogging and it's easier to just use my same ole girls as guest bloggers.

My issue with all this is I hate change, but I want to change and I have to gradually do it, that's why I didn't just do it today. I think that I'm going to do it sometime next week.
Hotfessional and Psychicgeek were very helpful w/ suggestions. Well Physicgeek said, "Ask Hotfessional, she just moved"..

Other things of interest:

We got a new toilet, it's Awesome and flushes quick and good. I think it has a low flow thingy. Can I write that off on my taxes? Isn't it sad that I am excited about a toilet.

We MAY go fishing tomorrow. I will be with 2 fickle boys and I have a feeling 7am is going to be VERY early tomorrow. I want to fish though and I especially want to take some pictures. I haven't been taking any lately cause I just haven't gone anywhere. I hope I can walk OK in the wilderness. I'm giving myself until June 14th. If the SOB doesn't feel better by then I'm going to the doctor.

I am also having a very big movie issue. Tomorrow night we plan on going to see new Narnia movie. It looks AWESOME. But hello people, I have not seen the first one!! "Why not?" you ask.. well cause when the first one came out Drew thought it looked to scary so we didn't go. I figured I would wait until it was on cable. Now the 2nd part is out...BEFORE the first one is on cable. Why would they do that to me. Drew ended up seeing the first one on DVD..but not with me. The nerve of that kid. So now I have to figure out how to see Narnia tonight.

OK.. I am SO behind on reading blogs I gotta go.. Oh yeah, and work too.


Amanda said...

Good luck with the transition to wordpress. I'm sure you'll like it. Also, just a little piece of advice.

I went fishing last weekend, and the weather man said partly cloudy. Cloudy, pshhh! Yeah right. I didn't take any sunscreen and after 5 hours in the sun I cooked up like a Turkey at Thanksgiving! Now, I'm peeling and miserable and kicking myself for actually listening to the weather man for once! So, TAKE LOTS of sunscreen :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rimshot said...

You can always use "Third Times the Charm" as the sub-heading at the new digs.

Will there be a blog-warming party?

Bri said...

Ok, I made a wordpress account so that I look around and see. They had my blog name available as a url, so whooo! I think I told you that I was planning on doing the domain name thing, too. I did, right? Ok, so I'm a follower. ;) Share the info that others shared with you, please. I couldn't find the comment of which you spoke...did she post in an anonymous manner? I posted today, but I will be away for a couple of days, have fun fishing!

Sandy C. said...

C'mon over to the darkside, hehe ;) I love wordpress so far. I used blogger for a few months before self-hosting, and it took a few weeks of transition, but overall I'm glad I made the switch.

PS. LOVE the new vocabulary ;)

liza said...

hi MP! sorry, wrong link i think, my bad ;) but i'm really glad i came here.

happy sunday :)

dawn224 said...

a gradual move isn't a bad idea - you can get used to wordpress and then move to self hosted and get even more perks :)

witchypoo said...

I thought you had already moved?
Or am I subscribed to two separate feeds?
I'm all confused now.

lisa marie said...

I'm like you, I hate change too. :) But of course I'll follow when you're ready.

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