Photo A Day

Rebecca has decided to take this challange...and she has links to two other bloggers doing the same.. Someone should make the linky love thing..

Anyway.. For the Month of May, starting today: Post a photo a day. I didn't hear "rules" or if there were any I didn't read them.

I'm going to dig into my flick account and pull out some photos that haven't been seen..unlike the hummingbird photo which you have seen a million times. :-)

Anyone else.. If so link back to me..which will link back to Rebecca etc...


Rimshot said...

I think I'm in...I'll have to post the May 1 photo when I get home, tho.


klasieprof said...

This may work for me. I've been in a funk something Fierce...can't seem to REALLY tell what is going on, "in case SOMEONE" reads it..I used to not care. I've just been BLEH lately. The photo thing just may do it.
I've been COMMENTING on others...just can't seem to get it togegther for my blog.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Oh I want to be in too, but I am already five days behind. I love the idea though.