Sunday Weekly Winners

Go on over to Sarcastic Mom for the list of other Weekly Winners!

These are the ones that I love the best from the past week..but of course you can go to Flickr to view the rest..link on side bar...

Macro Shot of MY ornament on my mother-in-law's tree.

my ornament

Holiday Candy

holiday candy

Drew at Grandmas...I love that the tree is the focal point and he is a little blurry.
fun at grandmas

OK..J took this..cause that is my unmanicured finger..I love this shot!
(J's Aunt got two kittens the week before Christmas)
i didnt do the right thing

Ike and Tina..Yes I took this one :-)
ike and tina

I love this portrait of Dad
dad christmas eve

Same cat that got in the bar on Thanksgiving..got in mom's wheelchair on Christmas Eve.. (can you tell our families love animals) LOL
kitty on a wheelchair


Judith Shakespeare said...

The cat licking its lips? LOL. I love it!

Sandy C. said...

Oh those were all great! That is a fantastic shot of your dad :)

I still haven't figured out how to use my Macro on my camera....i've had it for 2 years and the manual has never been opened :( ....there's just so much more interesting to read. Like blogs!

jientje said...

I love that picture of your Dad!
And the kitty's, and the tree, ... they are all great, they speak of warmth and happiness!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Sarcastic Mom said...

I'm partial to the kitty with tongue out. :-)

Tasina said...

I agree about the kitty tongue - that was too cute. I don't even know what a camera macro is, but it sounds really impressive and techy.

Smiler said...

I especially like the portrait of your dad - he seems like such a gentle soul! And also the kitty who looks like he's drinking coffee. Very cute.

MP said...

Oh yes..Dad is a very gentle soul! The best dad ever!

secret agent mama said...

I love them all, but the kitty with the tongue is PRICELESS!


tiff said...

These are all wonderful photos.
I do love the cat licking his lips!

Madame Meow said...

Wow! What wonderful shots! I love the cats, and the one of your dad! How lovely!

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Julie said...

These are some fabulous photos. All of them.

I love the accidental photos where the camera focuses on the wrong thing, or the flash doesn't work, or whatever goes wrong, but turns out to be a terrific picture.

maggie's mind said...

Love the pictures, all! Family and kitties - the good stuff!

Dolce said...

MP, I will buy you nail polish remover. Maybe we can paint our nails together over lunch. Oh yeah, I remember. I'll paint yours while you watch my paint mine too!