I have been thinking about this for SO long...and finally thought to look it up on You Tube!!

For you people that weren't ALIVE during this time this is Rex Smith in Sooner or Later.. I read the book and watched the movie a thousand times. Then I bought the album. (album is a round black disc used to play music, preceded the cassette tape and cd..yes I'm being sarcastic)


Lulu said...

Holy freaking crap! Sooner or Later! I haven't thought about that is so long! You've got a mind of steel, woman!

Hey - I tagged you with a meme if you're interested...


Biddy said...

i happen to have an awesome 45 collection...thank you VERY much!

Melissa said...

I wanted to BE Kristy when I was growing up. I so wanted to be her and have her life. And Jimmy, OMG how CUTE was he! Love the hair! And how sick is it that I look at that video and I still think the SAME WAY! And the Carpenters... :( Actually what happened to everybody is kind of sad. Look at how happy they were there. I don't remember this special though. I didn't have Kristy and Jimmy's albums but I had (and still have) Lynda Carter's. How's that? :D

Bruce and Rex never did it for me. You can have 'em! Or rather, 'the other Melissa' can have one of them!

Scarecrow and Mrs. King... I liked Kate Jackson, but not in that. Not crazy about the hair either. But I liked her and Bruce together in that show.

Hardy Boys Nancy Drew... Liked the Hardy Boys, not crazy about Nancy Drew. (Sorry Pamela!) My Grandmother knew her and was always talking about "Pammy's show" so I wanted to like it but I never got into it.