a little education to the younger sort...

Miss Slade and I work together...she doesn't know who Bruce Boxleitner is and has no idea what Scarecrow and Mrs King is..OMG..I know.

SO I sent her some websites to look at to which she replies:
He’s married to the woman from Little House on the Prairie!!!

MP- He’s way too old for you! He’s like my dad’s age!

FYI...Melissa Gilbert is 2 years older than me..I COULD BE Mrs Bruce Boxleitner...if I had ever met him.

I emailed Slade this picture ...and now she agrees with me...he WAS hot.


lisa's chaos said...

Hey I knew who Bruce was and who he was married to. I used to think he was SO hot. :)

dawn224 said...

I knew these facts too. He was the hawt in Monday night tv.

Slade said...

MP, I seem like a little pup. At least I knew he was married to the girl from LHOP.