WTF is going on??

I didn't realize it but I'm not getting emails on all my comments...and I missed some comments. I like my friend Biddy am a comment whore. I can't believe I missed them, and they were from some new folks too. :-(

Off to visit new places..love new blogs..well I really love my old ones but new is fun.

OK.. so go to www.ksdk.com They LEAD story is the storm moving in. I am REALLY thinking that we're going to end up w/ some rain. We have a "winter storm warning" right now. This is great!!

THIS is what the forcast looks like...


Jenn said...

There are a few times when I don't get the comments emailed to me until long after they are made. Sometimes, Blogger is a pain in the ass.

Shush yer mouth about the winter storm! Shush! Shush! Cause you know, we'll just get ice, ice and more ice...not snow.

Biddy said...

i'm having that issue too! it's really pissin me off!

dawn224 said...

oohhh... lots of Blogger people are pissed about the comment thing... you aren't alone.

KC ish south of the river got a little precip.