OK, FIRST thing is that I bought myself a brand new camera. We had been shopping around for a while and fell in love with the Fuji. They had it on sale at Target..then I looked, if you bought on line at Best Buy it was cheaper..plus I had Best Buy bucks so it was even cheaper than that!! Wooo Hooo.. I will have in time for Christmas!

SECOND..My little, darling, talented step son was invited to play in an indoor soccer team in Feb.. Yes, our Drewby on a select team!! So stoked..and indoor, WAY better than outdoor. Bad news is we'll have weekend games at 7:30 am..40 miles from our house. Oh well.

THIRD..we have snow in the forecast..just a little..and that has totally got me inching toward the Christmas spirit! I'm actually going to go to the mall after work to use my gift certif for a holiday party outfit!

FOURTH.. I am doing Dinner By Design!
My MIL wants to do it in January and my friend Holly is showing some interest!

OK..back to work :-)


Slade said...

Cool new camera! I'm jealous.

Melissa said...

Now I'm hungry :p

Anonymous said...

nice camera!! Merry Christmas to MP!
Good news for Drew! I bet he's super excited!!